Thursday, November 05, 2009

Enter the Adopt A Medic Wii Raffle just in time for the Christmas! All funds go to medical care packs/or shipping of supplies to medics who are currently deployed.
$10/ticket or $25/3 tickets
The drawing will be 11/27. These troops need our help now more than ever! We are currently in contact with 25 medics who are in Afghanistan right now. Your support would be much appreciated. If interested, please contact Trevor at Thank you!
Congratulations and thanks go to Sandra Bagwell, who won the 2009 Wii Raffle! We would like to thank everyone who helped us in this endeavor in 2009. We will be looking into raffling something else in 2010.

Friday, July 24, 2009

August Meeting

Please join us at our August meeting. We will be discussing our upcoming care package drive. This year we will be sending out care packages earlier than in previous years and it's already time to get started collecting items. Our Marines and soldiers in Afghanistan are in particular need of care packages this year. Many of them are in remote areas far from "chow halls" and established bases. Help us encourage them with support and care packages from home.

Date: Monday, August 10th

Time: 7:00pm

Place: Mamarita's Border Cafe 6602 Slide Road

See our list of needed care pack items here.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Adopt a Medic Raffle Kicks Off at 4th on Broadway

The United States Marines Open the 2008 4th on Broadway Parade.
Come on out to the 4th on Broadway parade this Saturday, July 4, 2009 and see us! I wanted to remind everyone about the Adopt a Medic mission of the Lubbock Marine Parents Organization, and let everyone know that we will be at the parade raffling a Nintendo Wii all day. Raised funds go exclusively to medics who are from West Texas or who sustain Texas troops.

Our combat medics and corpsmen need our help! Many of our deployed troops require a boost in their inventory of supplies. We try to supply them with everything from general healthcare maintenance supplies, to gear for major wound care. This September, there will be a group of 30+ medics deploying from our reserve center, in Lubbock, to bases all over Afghanistan.

I visited with these troops a few weeks ago and let me just say that they were an awesome bunch. They were glad to know that our community stands ready to help. I would like to call on each of you to come on out and buy a raffle ticket. Price are $10/1 ticket or $25/3 tickets. The winner will be announced during the Thanksgiving holiday and will also receive an Adopt A Medic polo. Again, these funds will go to support combat medics who will be in Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4th on Broadway

Lubbock Marine Parents will have a booth again this year at Lubbock's 4th on Broadway Street Festival. If you can, please stop by and see us. We'll be selling our fantastic cookbooks (they make great gifts) and "support our troops" bracelets to fund the shipping of this year's care packages. 4th on Broadway is our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Also be sure and watch our Treasurer Tanya on TV Monday, June 29th. She'll be on noon notebook on Chanel 11.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June Meeting

Please join us for our June meeting on Thursday June 18th at 7:00pm. We will be meeting at Daybreak Coffee on 19th and Quaker.

We'll be making plans for the 4th on Broadway, which is always a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Meeting

Please join us for a hamburger and a meeting at Fuddrucker's on Slide Road, Monday May 18th at 7:00PM. We have some great bumper stickers, magnets and posters to share. Look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

February Meeting

Please join us for our February meeting. We will be discussing our next care package mail out and LMP t-shirts. We will be meeting February 9th at 7:00pm at the Home Plate Diner on 82nd and Slide. We look forward to seeing you there!