Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Christmas Care Packs

Here are the drop off locations for care pack items:
**Check edit at the end of this post***

Open Air MRI 3720 20th St.
Marine Recruiter's Office 5102 60th Street STE. D
Elks Lodge 3409 Milwaukee (34th and Milwaukee)
All four locations of Body Works

The following items are requested:

Toiletries and General:
Q-tips (individual packs)
Individual baby wipe packs
Chap Stick
Black Socks (thick, calf length)
Individual Tissue Packs
Disposable Razors
Hand Warmers
Advil/Tylenol (individual packs)
Cards/Board games/Puzzles
DVDs (new or used)
Music CDs (new or used)
Letter or cards of encouragement!

Food Items:

Can Soup (pull top lids)
Can Chips
Beef Jerky
Breakfast Bars
Granola Bars
Hard Candy
Sunflower Seeds
Gummy Candies
Juice Mixes (individual packs)
Hot Chocolate
Microwave Popcorn
Easy Mac and Dinty Moore

$30 will fill a box!

***Monetary donations to help with the cost of postage are appreciated! You can donate through Paypal by clicking on the "Donate" button in the sidebar.

***Edited to add:We have already sent off our Christmas boxes and the only drop off location still accepting items is the recruiter's office. We are already looking ahead to a Valentine's Day mail out and we would love your help with that. We will continue to collect items for care pack mail outs throughout the year. This is a year round effort. If you have any questions, please email me at semperfimomx2@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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