Monday, December 22, 2008

Adopt a Medic AeroCare Raffle

Hi all! The helicopter ride/raffle for the Adopt A Medic mission of Lubbock Marine Parents was a success in its first year. This wonderful opportunity was sponsored by the wonderful folks at AeroCare.
Gary chats with a flight nurse about the helicopter features

I'm proud to announce that the winners were Gary and Iris Caine of Lubbock. They purchased 3 raffle tickets at our 2008 4th on Broadway booth and were extremely excited to hear they had won. On Friday, December 19th, Gary and Iris had a blast taking the 45 minute helicopter ride over the Lubbock city limits, enjoying the Christmas lights. They even got to fly near their own house.

Gary and Iris taxi out the hangar for their ride
I have provided a few pics of them gearing up for their ride. Let me just say that the folks at AeroCare are extremely friendly and professional. They were very knowledgeable about their flight equipment and showed off their airplane which is used quite extensively, but doesn't quite get all of the glory that the helicopters get. These were great folks, indeed. I should mention that this would not have been possible if were not for the suggestion of Brad Bowser, an Adopt A Medic officer and former AeroCare flight medic.
Gary and Iris are about to take to see the lights of Lubbock

Those of us with Adopt A Medic would also like to thank everyone who supported us by purchasing a new raffle ticket. For the folks who didn't win the helicopter ride please note that we will conduct this raffle again next year. Additionally, Adopt A Medic has future plans for more raffles in 2009, including a raffle for a rifle and Wii or a PSP. Be on the lookout for these raffles! Merry Christmas, all!

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