Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thank You!

We were so pleased and humbled to receive the above certificate along with a carefully folded flag from a brave group of pilots and crew chiefs serving our nation in Afghanistan.  It was a wonderful surprise and we have cried many happy tears.

Thank you to Headquarters Company "Havoc" 1st Attack Battalion!  You are what makes this country great! 


Anonymous said...


Who would I get in touch with to donate to your organization?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Semper Fi Mom,
While completely off topic, my son graduates high school and has chosen to join the best of the best, the USMC. We want to get him something that will be helpful and useful as a graduation gift, given the strict regulations on what a recruit can bring, my lovely bride and I are at a loss on what to get him. Any ideas?



Semper Fi Mom said...

First let me say congratulations to your son! Sounds like you have raised a fine young man. :)

As far as a graduation gift goes, you'll probably want to get him something that will be helpful to him after bootcamp. Recruits aren't allowed to take anything other than what they are wearing, their paperwork, and maybe a small address book with them. Anything else will just be put into storage with his civilian clothes until he graduates from bootcamp. You might even want to wait until bootcamp graduation and give him a combo gift.

Hope that helps! Be sure and keep in touch as your Marine Corps journey continues. :)

Anonymous said...


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szum said...

Dear Semper Fi Mom,
I am a kindergarten teacher here in Lubbock. Some of our students have collected items to send to a deployed Marine. My son is a Marine but not currently on active duty. He has suggested items for the students to bring. We are now trying to find a deployed Marine to send them to. Can you help us out?