Wednesday, December 20, 2006

About those care packs...

You all may remember that a few weeks back our group mailed out 251 care packages to Iraq. We got a thank you note in the mail that I want to share. It's from one of our wonderful women Marines. Her letter brought tears to my eyes.

"Dear Lubbock Marine Parents,

Greetings from Camp TQ, Iraq! Lance Corporal S. here, my parents are Lee and Ann S. It sure was a nice surprise to receive a care package from you guys (perfect timing, I needed some new socks!), today. You all have done a lot to support us over here and we all appreciate everything you do. Just one more reason I feel so blessed to be out here with the group, and to be from Texas!

Everyone is doing well. Our morale is high and although the holidays are usually times when Marines get depressed and more homesick than usual, we have really solidified as a unit and are making the best of it. On the phone with my parents a few days ago my mother said, "It doesn't feel fair for you to have to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family again due to deployment". I thought for a second and told her, "Well, Mom, I WILL be with my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas." In knowing that, and in having the support we do back home, I know Lubbock will contine to shine and do amazing things until it is time for us to leave here and come home. Thanks again for thinking of us, I hope everyone's holidays will be as good and as joyful as ours!

With God's Love and mine,

Morgan S., Lance Corporal, USMC"

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