Friday, December 29, 2006

Lubbock Soldier to be portrayed on History Channel

Roy Velez, is honored and excited to see the History Channel special about his son Friday. The Velez family lost their son Freddy in 2004 when he was killed by enemy fire in Fallujah. Read the rest here. The special will be on today at noon and at 6:00pm tonight.

Blondiebee and I had the privilege to meet this precious family when they lost their second son Andrew. They are an inspiration to us. Their faith is still so strong even after losing two of their sons. We went to take food and just hoped we might be of some comfort to them. We were so blessed by that meeting and I think received more from the family than we were able to give. Roy, the father, has been nominated for Texan of the year. They will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


Minuteman 76 said...

I watched that episode before, and of course watched it again last night. That kid really had his head in the game and I would have been proud to serve with him.

I just hope that my former soldiers who are deployed react the same way when coming under fire.

De'on Miller said...

I'm so glad you're supporting them this way.

God keep them.