Friday, August 17, 2007


That most wonderful Marine who did the most wonderful patriotic poem has been found. He is SSgt. Dean, stationed at Cherry Point. Dean has not served in Afghanistan or Iraq but said he would go the second he was asked. He says the poem "isn’t about the experience of fighting a war. It's about what the armed forces do. It's about the military service and the reason we do things," he explained. "We just defend the country, no questions asked. As a family, we do it. The poem was just utmost admiration and respect for the individuals that are there. ... They've answered the country's call." Kudos to this gentleman. No matter why he wrote it....the thoughts and feelings it brings forth is just awesome.

We should get hold of Semper Fi Mom since she is now in the same vicinity as Dean, and have her give him a truly big Marine Mom hug!!

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