Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Onward by Faith...

This book was suggested to me by another Marine mom. She said it is a great read for all Marine parents and family members. It is called Onward by Faith... by Gina Gippner and can be purchased at the author's website. Here are some quotes from the website:

Just when I thought motherhood couldn't get any harder, my only son, Glenn, decided he would join the Marines.

There were no conversations, only one quick decision that began my journey to Iraq and Back...

There’s a process those joining the Military go through, and there’s a process that mothers go though when their children join the Military.

Gina Gippner's "Onward By Faith " is a heartfelt, spiritually, uplifting tribute to the men and woman who serve in our nation military, and affirmation of a mother's love for her son.

-William Matson Law, Author of In the Eye of History

A must read for any parent who has had a son or daughter sent into harm's way. Gina Gippner captures the emotions I've felt during my own son's deployments with the U.S. Army. Allow yourself to laugh and cry as this Marine Mom discovers the catharsis of writing along with the fear of having a son go to war.

-Michael J. Cain, Author of The Tangled Web and proud father of an American Soldier

With the purchase of each book, you will also receive a *FREE* DVD of our videogram/pictorial "Your Dreams Became Our Marines" produced and edited by Jan, featuring many of our Marines/Marine familes. Special background music "When It's Time To Go" is provided by "4HIM" artists Jeff Silvey and Billy Simon from the album Basics of Life 1992- MusicServices.Org. This DVD is a loving tribute to our Marine sons and daughters who serve us so faithfully. We also honor the memory of our men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice along with our Gold Star families.

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