Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thank You Note

This came from one of our Lubbock Marines who got some of our care packs that you helped us send this Christmas. We sent her a bunch of care packs for female Marines, but we forgot to mention that part to her. :)
She gave us permission to share this with you.

Wow! Thank you tremendously for all the care packages!!!
Everyone here loved all the Starbucks coffee. Sometimes I think that caffeine is all that gets me through my night shift :) (Midnight to noon every day). Oh and all the girls and I enjoyed getting stuff from Mary Kay :) ha ha It was the funniest thing watching some of the guys go through those boxes. They'd usually leave them alone because as soon as they saw tampons they were convinced it was the grossest thing ever(I'm talking about GROWN MARINE MEN, WITH WIVES BACK HOME!!!) None the less it was still hilarious...we all got a kick out of that. :)

We're pretty much counting the days here to leave and even though Christmas is the day after tomorrow we're eager for it to be over so we can go home already. This year long deployment has really made me appreciate the finer things in life. Ha
ha, which reminds me of what your son said about the shower facilities back on base...he is so right. I think the showers here are better because they're cleaned everyday by people from Turkey. :)

For Christmas all the Texas Tech fans and Virgina fans will be filming shout outs that will be filmed for the Gator bowl that's airing sometime in Jan. The shout outs are also going to be played throughout some of the commercials so be on the lookout for us :)

There's a Christmas run going on this morning. I'm thinking of participating in it at 7:15am and they're encouraging wearing Santa hats :) It's like 32 degrees out here but I might just run in a t-shirt and shorts for the fun of it. Bring on the holiday colds !!:)

Oh, and I didn't get any pictures but we just had our Christmas USO tour. It was pretty cool. Lance Armstrong, Miss USA, Kid Rock, Lewis Black, and Robin Williams came to cheer us all up. They were a hilarious group and gave a good show. I think the most memorable part was when I got to shake Robin Williams hand. He smiled big at me, said "Merry Christmas Kitten" and kissed me on the cheek. I don't think there's a nicer guy than him. Pretty cool Christmas memory...I wont forget that one! :)

Thanks again for everything sent. Everyone really appreciated everything, and some of those hygiene items will be going to kids who don't have toothbrushes and such because I have a couple more of those missions to knock out before I'm done with this tour. Let me just tell you EVERYTHING was put to good use. Thanks so much again!
Cpl Julia V

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