Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blue Star Banner

You have probably heard of the service star flags, or seen them displayed. I have one in the front window of my home and a sticker version on the back of my van. Mine have two stars because I have two sons who are Marines. Others may have one, two, three, or even more. These flags first came about during World War I and were hand made by mothers. They are displayed during times of war, and each blue star represents a son or daughter currently serving our country. A gold star represents a service member that was either killed in action or died in service. Recently I have also heard of silver stars to represent a service member injured while in service. I bought both my banner and my sticker at my second son's bootcamp graduation, but they can also be ordered on the Internet. To me, the banner means that not only am I proud of my sons, but I am also proud of my country.

On the sidebar to the right you can see a list of "Blue Star Blogs". These are blogs by either parents or family members of our service men and women, or others who support our troops. Beth at Blue Star Chronicles has helped me post the list. I've botched her instructions I'm afraid, but she is patiently helping me work it out. :) Be sure to visit these blogs!


beth said...

You didn't botch it at all - you did great. You must be so proud of your sons!

Welcome to the Blue Star Blogs :)

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Good post. Interesting. I'm a Navy Vet, but never really learned what those banners meant. Thanks.

Lubbock Marine Parents said...

Thanks for your service Douglas! I looked at your (many) blogs. Great reading. Couldn't decide which one to leave a commment on, so I'm leaving it here. :)