Monday, November 13, 2006

Nathan and Caleb

Nathan and Caleb are good friends who went to bootcamp together. They are also good friends of Crosby who was three weeks ahead of them in bootcamp. We are so proud of them both! Caleb is currently at Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton and is getting ready to head to Pensacola, Florida for MOS school this week. Caleb is on the left in the picture and Nathan is on the right. The following is from Nathan's mom, Cheryl.

Nathan has talked about being a Marine since he was about 12-years-old. That has been the only career goal he has talked about.At 17, he joined the Delayed Entry Program and began working out and participating in
Marine activities. His best friend's brother became a Marine the previous year and his best friend had also signed up for the Delayed Entry Program. They were joined by other close friends and became a strong group with the same goals and interests. After graduating from Lubbock High School in 2006 and turning 18 in June, Nathan headed to boot camp in July. He became a Marine Oct. 13, 2006. After his leave and a few weeks as a recruiter's assistant, he is currenlty back at Camp Pendleton getting ready for Infantry Training.
His family, including Mom and Dad , two sisters and extended family, are very proud of his accomplishment. His paternal grandfather( whom he never knew )was a Marine during World War II, and his maternal grandfather served as a Marine in the 1950s.

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