Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spotlight on T.J.

My stepson, TJ Wilson is a Corporal in the Marines and will soon be stationed at Bridgeport Mountain Warfare Training Center. He will be training troops in Mountain Warfare which will have him doing what he loves most in life (well second most), Mountain Climbing! TJ is married to Kiyana and has one son, Atreyu, and another baby on the way (I think raising kids and being a great husband is actually #1 on his list of what he loves most in life). To our great joy, TJ is becoming the man we had always hoped he would be thanks to the Marines! A big Oooorah! We sure are proud of him!
Becky Wilson

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Buffy, this looks great. Can't wait to see the others on here too. I am so proud of all our boys/girls!