Friday, September 28, 2007


The Marine Corps has endorsed a quick and easy way to write to Marines called MotoMail. It is an electronically printed mail service. You will need go to the website and sign up for a free account (currently MotoMail is paid for by HQMC). Then you can write a letter and it will be printed and ready for delivery usually within 24 hours. Senders are only required to know the unit address, not the location. It is private and secure. The MotoMail printer, folder and sealer ensures complete privacy and that contents remain confidential. The letter is delivered through unit mail call and unlike an email it can be read and re-read. At this time MotoMail is only available for service members' units located at Marine camps deployed to Iraq.

MotoMail has recently added PhotoMail. PhotoMail is a feature within MotoMail that allows you to insert a color or black & white photo at the top of an Letter. Your account must be "Enabled" to activate this feature. Once your account is "Enabled"(by clicking on the "Enable Tab) you will be able to insert a photo. When you select a recipient and Click on Compose you will see the "Add Photo" option. Note: During the first phase all photos (color included ) will be printed in black & white only. The long term goal is to deploy color printers to selected locations to allow color printing of your PhotoMail.

Electronically printed letters don't substitute for handwritten cards, letters and care packs, but they sure are an easy way to communicate with your Marine.

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