Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shopping Links

I like to shop online and some of the things I have ordered for my sons and for my Soldier's Angel soldier are not available in local stores. The other moms have been asking for some shopping links, so here they are.

Marine Gear
The Marine Shop
Welcome to The Marine Shop! For more than 40 years, The Marine Shop has proudly offered to its valued customers:

· Marine Corps uniforms and accessories of unparalleled quality workmanship.
· A wide selection of unique gifts, plaques and memorabilia.
· Distinctive tailoring of uniforms and civilian attire.
· Expert advice and personalized service.

This site also has new and second hand cammies.

U.S. Cavalry
This site has field equipment, eyewear, tools, all sorts of military, law enforcement and outdoors items.

USMC Online Uniform Store
Notice: The Combat Utility Uniform in both Desert and Woodland are now available for order in limited quantities. Due to sale restrictions orders will only be accepted by phone. Only active and reserve Marines will be allowed to place orders for the new utilities and sales will be limited to one set of each, desert and woodland.

Sure fire Flashlights
The world's finest compact high-intensity flashlights for outdoors, self-defense, military, law enforcement, and general applications.

Covert Threads t-shirts
Fire Retardant-No Drip-No Melt moisture wicking Battle Zone tee shirt. Shirt helps provide protection from flash fires. Knit with X-Static Silver to kill odor causing bacteria.

Thorlo Socks
Thorlos are designed to help protect you from the damaging forces of impact, shear and blistering that are a threat to your feet in almost any setting in the military. In the field we have you covered with our Combat Boot Thorlos. For training, our Fitness Thorlos help protect and preserve your feet while you maintain top physical form. For cold weather operations, our Level 3 Climbing product protects and keeps your feet warm. For wear with dress or standard uniforms our Dress Thorlos and Uniform Thorlos provide you comfort whenever you’re on your feet. Our aim is to provide the most value to servicemen and women

Shave Mate Razors
ShaveMate is the convenient and disposable all-in-one shaving system with shaving cream in the handle. (I love the music on their site).

Covert Socks
Covert Threads developed a line of military boot socks, physical training socks, and dress socks along with other improved garments for the Marine, soldier or anyone looking for comfortable yet rugged socks that stand up to the rigors of harsh climates and conditions.

Brigade Quartermasters
All sorts of tactical gear. We ordered my oldest son a GPS from them for Christmas one year and they had no trouble shipping to an FPO. They also include some extra little goodies when they ship to an FPO or APO.

Shopping Links for Family Members and Gift Items
Jarhead Clothing
Welcome to Jarhead Clothing, a unique clothing line inspired by the lifestyle and day-to-day training of the United States Marine Corps. These hard core designs are not for the weak. If you think you're tough enough to wear Jarhead Clothing, carry on and browse the rest of the site. If not, don't bother!
Jarhead Clothing is veteran owned and operated.

Deployment Bracelets
Has the military deployed a loved one? With their name on this beautiful patriotic Deployment Bracelet®, you can keep them in your thoughts while showing your support!

Marine Corps Museum Store
We offer you the most complete selection of United States Marine Corps books, artwork, clothing, jewelry, stationery, music, videos, collectibles, games, golf accessories and much more. Please browse through our online shop to find the perfect gift.

USMC Devil Dogs
Marine Family shirts

Custom USMC wood engraving
Done by a Marine veteran.

Gung Ho Steak Sauce
Marines, the same Gung Ho Sauce that you had in Gettysburg during your Battlefield PME and Marine Corps Steaks & Beers (MCS&B) in Corporal Seamus' back yard is now available. Thousands of Marines cannot be wrong! Gung Ho is the best steak sauce on the planet. "Slather Sparingly!".

Military Fabric

eMarine PX

Your One Stop Shop for US Marine Corps Tee Shirts, USMC Clothing, Novelties, Accessories, Collectibles, Commemorative Military Patches, Flags, Toys, Jewelry, Home Decor, Books, Videos, 26th Marines Merchandise and so much more!

Sgt Grit
I think most of us should buy stock in Sgt Grit as much money as we spend there...

USMC Stuff
They have some great Marine mom t-shirts.

Shields of Strength
From the creator of Shields of Strength: As a result of what Jesus did for me, I came to know His grace and strength in a whole new way. A few months after the Nationals, I created a dog tag with Scripture on it to honor Christ in a visible way and to remind me of the truth of His Word. When people ask about the tag I always tell them about Jesus and how they can come to know Him, too. I put the prayer of salvation on the back and often take it off my neck and give it freely to anyone who asks.

All of my friends now carry the tags, too. My little brother named the "Shields of Strength" because the Bible says Jesus and His Word are our shield and our strength.

"As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him." Psalm 18:30

Leatherneck's Marine Corps Mall
Flags, clothing, collectibles, watches, and more.

Deployment Bracelets
Let the world know that your loved one is serving abroad in the United States Armed Forces. These soldier's deployment bracelets are made of highly durable .05 gauge stainless steel and are scratch-resistant. The engraving on the bracelet includes the soldier's name, the unit served in, and the date of their deployment. These bracelets are guaranteed not to fade. Wear it with pride while your loved one defends our liberties and freedom!
FREE shipping for military families!

Camosock Christmas Stockings
The CAMOSOCK® was designed to become a true keepsake for the Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airmen that receives one. Displaying the stocking will become a wonderful addition to any family's Christmas Holiday traditions.

All sourcing, labor and manufacturing are 100% Made in the USA. The stockings design is simple yet impressive. The workmanship and attention to detail are outstanding.

USMC Semper Fi Cologne
The U.S. Marines – Semper Fi cologne is our symbol of the ultimate sacrifice. The long-lasting spirited fragrance leaves an everlasting impression of bravery, strength and loyalty all citizens should share. Our company American Prestige and Luxury Brands created the U.S. Marines – Semper Fi cologne with a common goal in mind, body and spirit: To honor and support the service of the U.S. Marines and their families.

With every U.S. Marines-Semper Fi cologne purchased from this website a generous donation of $20.00 is made to the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund . Your donation will benefit injured U.S. Marines and their families in need.

Service Flags
We carry custom and stock products including flags, coffee mugs, t-shirts, yellow magnets, lapel pins, vinyl banners, envelope stickers and more!

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