Friday, April 27, 2007

You know You're a Marine Mom When...Part II

Due to the popularity of "You Know You're a Marine Mom When..." we are adding a few more. Most of these apply to all military moms of course, but since we are Marine moms and these were written by Marine moms, we'll leave it at that.

You Know You're a Marine Mom When...

42. Your weather check page includes Doha, Kuwait, Baghdad, Okinawa and San Diego.
43. You stalk a man at the grocery store in a Marine cap so you can tell him about your Marine.
44. You find a way to work into every conversation that your son/daughter is a Marine. "Would you like to supersize that ma'am?" "No, but speaking of super, did you know that my son is a Marine?"
45. You have to move a pile of priority mail boxes, bubble wrap, and "special: to be shipped" items to sit down in the living room.
46. You leave a special message to your Marine in your outgoing voicemail/answering machine. "If this is John I miss you and I love you!"
47. You stand in the checkout line with a cart full of Easy Mac, protein bars, and snuff and people stare at you and wonder what kind of strange diet you are on.
48. You sleep with your phone in your hand.
49. The new sacker at the grocery store puts your bread in the bottom of the bag and you ask to see his Sergeant.
50. Your boss asks if your are finished with your project and you say "good to go ma'am!"
51. You go out to your mail box with your reading glasses and a letter opener.
52. You wait for what seems like years for that first phone call from Iraq and then when you miss it by going out for the newspaper you lay on the floor and sob uncontrollably.
53. You don't really "sweat the small stuff". Just that fact that your Marine is in the same hemisphere is enough to make you do the happy dance.
54. You insist that your Marine wear his uniform to have a family portrait taken at Sears Photography Studio. ...I got there before my son and daughter did and when I saw them walking through the sales floor - in full uniform - I proudly and loudly announced, to the entire store, that 'that Marine and Sailor are MY BABIES'
55. Your idea of a dream date is R. Lee Ermey.
56. The proudest moment in your life is when your son calls and tells you he is the most hated DI in the platoon.
57. You tell your family that "chow" is on the table.

Here's a few from some Marine dads. You Know You're a Marine Dad when...

58. When other men talk of their son's accomplishments and you quietly know in your heart, my son is a man of honor, a warrior that is no longer a "boy", but a man capable of defending and protecting lesser men's sons.
59. When you pass un-kempt, slovenly, ragged boy/children on the street and know deep in your heart that a little Marine training and they too could be a man instead of a life long child.
60. When you pass a group of anti-American, cowardly, pierced, atheistic pagan, haters of western civilization spewing nonsense and venom and you know only because my son and others like him stand for freedom can you fools continue your lunacy.
61. The Commandant's Own comes to your town and you go to every single performance and shout OOOHRAAAH at all the appropriate times. You ask them to play "Semper Fi" at least twice. You wear out all their CDs playing them in your truck.
62. Your dog is named "Ammo" and your Marine put a M-16 A2 shell on his collar. You don't care that your neighbors are horrified.
63. You seek out and thank every veteran you can.
64. The repair man says "Thank your son for his service" and you wonder what tipped him off (could it be the yellow banner now tacked above your garage door that once flew downtown that has his name and
service on it, or maybe the blue star flag, yellow ribbons and Another Family Supporting Our Troops signs in the windows?)
65. When you drive 40 miles in a snowstorm to the next town to go to a Veteran's Day ceremony because there's a Marine Colonel speaking.
66. You get out of a speeding ticket when the officer sees your Marine stickers and asks "Whose the Marine?" Then hands you just a warning with the statement "Courtesy of your son."
67. Someone complains and you hand them a package of straws while saying "suck it up".


beth said...

I thought of a couple ....

I find myself watching the Military Channel and hoping to see something about his unit, the area he is in or his FOB.

I know what an FOB is!

I check his myspace page at least once a day to see if he's been online to reassure myself that he's okay at least today.

beth said...

I really like what the Dad's wrote!

Lubbock Marine Parents said...

That's the whole reason we got on check on our Marines. :) You can at least see the last day that they logged on.

The dads are great aren't they? I'm including my husband in that statement. Sometimes we (or at least I) need their perspective on things.

lilfeathers2000 said...

God Bless the Mothers of the Marines

beth said...

I definatly need my husband's perspective!! He is a Vietnam Vet and when I get all worked up over something he'll explain it to me.

My son was complaining about something to me over the internet early in his deployment. I got myself all worked up - was about ready to march on Washington!! lol

My husband told me that ALL Soldier's complain - he says that's their job. He said you only worry about them when they stop complaining.

He said they complain if it's too cold, too hot, about the food, about the orders they are getting, about EVERYTHING.

Then I started noticing that he was right - it wasn't just my son - it was all of them - yet they get defensive if you repeat the same things they are saying.

So now I take it in the spirit it's apparently intended! lol

Hey Patty - nice to see you over here too :)

jarhead john said...

I can certainly see my Mom or Dad submitting some of those....great post.