Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Operation Recruiter Appreciation Update

Please read the GOE's update on Operation Recruiter Appreciation. Be sure to click on the links they provide as well.

Here's a snippet from the update:

And this response from a member of a very active grassroots “Support the Troops” organization:


I … am very patriotic and support our troops but am royally against Bush and this false, unperpetuated war in Iraq. Since I am a [member of troop supporting group] was forwarded the message about National Recruiter’s Day…which is the last thing I would be celebrating!

From all that I hear and read which is A LOT, these recruiters are not nice, good people to be commended. Many of them lie and lie some more to innocent, white-collar, young people throughout the country to get them to enlist. They paint a picture full of deception and lies.

WHY would you be celebrating them??
T. Kurland

All that garbage listed above (which is just a sample) is piled onto an already difficult job. I’d like to thank T. Kurland for reinforcing exactly why I will be honoring recruiters on or near May 19th.

Thank you all for caring! Please consider getting involved, and don’t let a limited budget stop you. Even a handshake and a smile can go a long way to brightening a recruiter’s day.

Silent no more.


Lubbock Marine Parents is in the midst of organizing our local participation in ORA. Please let us know if you would like to help. Recruiters have a thankless job and work LONG hours. The recruiter who worked with my sons (whose mother-in-law is part of our group) NEVER lied to my boys or promised them anything that he didn't deliver on. We want to be sure these hardworking men and women are thanked and honored on May 19th.

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