Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Military Appreciation Month

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As many of you know, on May 19th our group will be participating in the Gathering of the Eagles’ Recruiter Appreciation Day. We have planned some fun and good food for our local recruiters.

However, did you also know that the entire month of May is Military Appreciation Month? Believe you me, I do not want to take away any special recognition that we will be giving to the recruiters, however, just an interesting note to remember all those in uniform.

There is a website I came across that is dedicated to this. Check out There they have several ways to show support like – wear a ‘Support Our Troops’ wristband or t-shirt; send a care package or a letter; or when you see a person in uniform or know of one who is serving or has served, shake their hand and tell them Thanks for serving our country. These things are very simple to do and sometimes it’s the simple things that are most appreciated.

To my son and all his fellow service members who serve and to those that have served in the past I give you my utmost thanks, appreciation, gratitude, admiration, etc. This country has not and cannot be the great place that it is without your sacrifice. Thank You and God Bless you all!!!

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