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Slingin' Slang

Once again, TXMarineMom1987 is having a hard time getting logged into Blogger to post something, so I am posting this for her. It is great and I know all you Marines and Marine moms and dads will love it!


Slang, lingo, verbiage, jargon, terms, words, expressions….no matter how it’s said it’s just language. Every country and culture has its own unique language. And the Military is no exception. With their acronyms, abbreviations, all the different numbered forms, it is a totally different culture. And, of course, each service of the Military has its own subcultural language.

Below is a small list of some widely used terms that your Marine will learn, mostly in boot camp. They no doubt will learn more during their time in the Marines. When a recruit is at boot camp, he/she will not be given a nice typed up list to memorize. They will learn these terms from using them and having them used on them. Soon they will be slingin’ the slang like they were taught it from the time they began to speak. However, family members are not given a list of lingo either, so when you get calls from boot camp (or anywhere else for that matter) or letters you will not have to feel so completely and utterly confused by your Marine’s new language.

Note: Remember all those “NO-NO” words that we spent 17-18 years trying for our child not to say, well………somehow, boot camp seems to break down that no-no wall. So when your Marine comes home and begins to use those no-no words, please be patient. Just quietly and politely remind him/her that those words don’t need to be used in your presence. When our Marines sacrifice to do what they have been asked, a few no-no words around their buddies won’t harm anyone. Strange as it may sound, sometimes for them it’s just a way of bonding.

0 Dark 30 - Very, very early in the morning
All Hands - Everyone
BC Glasses - Marine Corps issued eyeglasses. Named “Birth Control” glasses due to repulsive effect, especially on opposite sex.
BDU - Battle Dress Uniform. Official name of cammies.
Black Friday - Day recruit meets “real” D.I. and are placed into platoon they will continue through boot camp with. Upon arrival to boot camp, recruits are with intake D.I.
Blues - Dress Blue uniform.
Boots & Utes - Cammie bottoms, green T-shirt and combat boots
Brain Fart - Loss of concentration
Bulkhead - Wall
Cadillac - Marine Corps issued boots
Cammies - Field uniform
Cap - Fire at someone/something
Chevron - Basic element of enlisted rank structure
Chit - Piece of paper authorizing things such as light duty chit, leave chit, etc.
Chow Hall - Place where meals are served.
Civvies - Civilian clothing
Cover - Caps, hats and other things worn on the head. Marines wear covers regardless of what the headgear actually is. A Marine’s cover is always removed when indoors unless that Marine is armed.
Crucible - A 54-hour training event in which Marine recruits are physically and mentally challenged by lack of sleep, minimal food, forced marches, teamwork exercises and leadership opportunities. It is the final major training event of boot camp and is designed to pull together everything they have been taught previously and survive a real challenge. It culminates in the Warrior Breakfast and signals a change in their drill instructors from task masters to mentors.
Crumb Catcher - Mouth
D.I. - Drill Instructor
DD Form 4 - Enlistment contract
Deck - Floor
Devil Dog - A Marine. Given to the Marines by German enemies in WW1
Field Day - Day set aside for thorough cleaning of the barracks
Gear - Personal items and equipment
Go-fasters - Tennis shoes/sneakers
Go-juice - Fuel
Good to go - Marine is ready or piece of equipment is ready
Grape - Head
Green Monster - Basic issue knowledge book. Must be kept with recruit at ALL times
Grunt - Infantryman
Guidon - Pennant of platoon
Head - Latrine/toilet
High & Tight - Traditional Marine haircut
Ink stick - Pen
IT - Incentive Training – used as punishment to instill motivation
ITB - Infantry Training Battalion
Jody - Civilian who moves in on a Marine’s girlfriend
K-Bar - Fighting knife
Kevlar - Bullet resistant material used in flack jackets and helmets. Also called brain bucket.
Lead Stick - Pencil
Liberty - Authorized absence from duty
Lid - Another acceptable term for “cover”.
MCMAP - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
MCRD - Marine Corps Recruit Depot – one in San Diego, CA and one in Parris Island, SC.
MCT - Marine Combat Training
Moonbeam - Flashlight
MOS - Military Occupational Specialty
Non-qual - Marine who did not qualify as expert, sharpshooter or marksman on the rifle range. Non-quals do not graduate boot camp.
OohRah - Sound made by Marine to indicate agreement or provide encouragement.
Port - Left side
Portholes - Windows or recruit with glasses
Pugil Sticks - Padded sticks used to simulate bayonet fighting.
Rack - Bed
Rain Trees/Rain Room - Showers
Reaper - Very, very steep uphill 10 mile hike. Last and most difficult leg of the Crucible.
Recruiter Assist - Temporary duty assignment of up to 30 days to assist local recruiters. Offered to recent boot camp graduates
Recycle - Recruit is being removed from his/her platoon placed with another platoon in order to repeat some portion of training. This usually happens with the recruit did not successfully complete a required training item.
Scribe - Recruit who takes notes and makes lists for platoon and DI; informal position selected by DI.
Scuz Brush - Cleaning brush used for boots, floors and porcelain objects. At times, used on cammies.
Semper Fi - Semper Fidelis – Latin for “Always Faithful”.
Motto for Marines.
Skivvies - Underwear
Snot Locker - Nose
SOI - School of Infantry
Squad Bay - Living quarters for recruit platoon
Starboard - Right side
Suzy - Marine’s girlfriend who is shacked up with Jody while Marine is off defending his country.

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