Monday, May 21, 2007

Soldier Wall and other links is a great site. You can add your Soldier or Marine if you want to and you can leave comments. It is a great way to show our thanks and appreciation. I have tried to comment on as many of them as I can.

In case any of you are interested and are in the area, here is information on the Navy's Fleet Week in New York City May 23rd through 30th.

My oldest son spent this past weekend in Virginia and Washington D.C. He visited the monuments in D.C., the National Museum of the Marine Corps which he said was awesome, and attended Evening Parade at Marine Barracks Washington D.C. He said he wished I could have been there to see the Evening Parade, but that I would have probably cried the whole time. He knows me so well. He also went to Arlington National Cemetery and said it was very sobering and inspiring. I would have cried there too. I'm so glad he had such a good weekend and was able to visit all these places. I hope to be able to see them all someday too.

Here's a short video of the Silent Drill Team.

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