Friday, March 16, 2007

Cook Book "U.S. Marine Cuisine"

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We are ready to begin collecting recipes for our cook book! We decided to call it "U.S. Marine Cuisine". What do you think? The picture is the cover that we have chosen. We really need everyone who can to contribute recipes. It's so easy and you can do it online. We have it set up with "typensave". This way you can type in your own recipes and it saves us money because we don't have to have everything typeset. All you do is click here, then click on login. The group login is LubbockMarines and the contributor password is hcx8w. There's a place for your name on the "add a recipe" page and if you are a Marine family member please list that also. Example: "Mom of Cpl Steven". The deadline for contributing recipes is April 15th, 2007. We hope to have the cook book ready to go for the 4th on Broadway.

I hope all our blogging friends will help too. I know y'all are all great cooks aren't you?

If you have any questions, just email me at Remember that the funds we raise go toward carepacks and other support for our Marines and all of our military.

**EDIT:A friend asked me about what she should put for her name. Here is how I plan to do it. I'll put my real name, and then in the lines where it says you can list additional contributors to the recipe you are adding I will put something like "proud mom of 2 Marines". Maybe I'll list their names. You are also welcome to use your blog name and even list your website.

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