Friday, March 16, 2007


The Lubbock reserve unit, 6th MTBN made it home after a 7 month tour in Iraq last night! Some of our Lubbock Marine Parents have Marines in this unit and the rest of us just wanted to be there to welcome them home. There was a HUGE crowd and the wonderful Patriot Guard Riders were there. I took lots and lots of pictures, so you can expect several posts about this over the next day or two.

This first picture shows Lubbock Marine Parents members Marlise, Irma and Tanya with the poster that Marlise made.

Look at the crowd! You can see some of the crowd in these pictures. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. None of these Marines were even mine, but I was just as excited as everyone else. It was contagious! Such a wonderful evening. The local TV crews and newspaper were there as well, so I'm sure some of this was on TV. I just made it home too late last night to see the news.

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