Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ooh Rah Beanie!

This post comes from TXMarineMom1987. She tried and tried to log in to post today and just couldn't do it, so I am posting this for her.

As many of our readers know, we had a large Christmas Care Package drive. We had a generous donor who gave us a huge box of Beanie Babies. One of those was a Marine Beanie (picture above). When I saw it, I really wanted to take it home and add it to my Marine paraphernalia; however, I ultimately decided that he should go into one of our care packs. Well, one group that received our boxes was my son’s unit stationed in Iraq. And lo and behold, Ooh Rah Beanie wound up in the care package that my son got. My son told me that he and Ooh Rah Beanie have since been on all the convoys together. It really makes me glad that I decided to let this little guardian angel take the journey to watch my Marine’s back.

My son and his unit are due back soon and we are all planning on a great Homecoming for all our Marines……and Ooh Rah Beanie too!!!

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