Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Care Package Update

(From TXMarineMom1987)

Just a quick note to bring ya’ll up to date on our Care Packages. We sent out over 325 packages between December and February, most of which went to the local Marine Reserve Unit who returned in March. They stated how much they enjoyed receiving stuff from Lubbock. It really was a great boost knowing how much their community was behind them. Our local Marine Reserve Unit has three more Marines gone and 3 Moms from our lovely little group also have their children serving in Iraq at this time. Back a month or so ago, we sent these marvelous Marines some Care Packages loaded with goodies and personal fans. We have since received a little note of thanks from one of them that we would like to share with ya’ll. This is from Julia and you can see her picture above.

May 17, 2007

Dear Lubbock Marine Parents,

Thank you so much for the package! We will definitely use everything inside of there. It’s nice for you all to take the time and send us one. It definitely made our day, and thanks for the movie, the guys have been watching it. I haven’t had a chance to yet but I will. Well today has been a good day so far, it rained which is nice because that means less dust in the air. We’re really busy here so we usually just work and go to our can and either watch a movie, go work out, or sleep! It was weird at first not having days off but you get used to it. Right now I work a 12-on/12-off shift 7 days a week. I also work during the night so I never get to see other women and am forced to listen to men complain about women. HAHA! I’ve been keeping up with my Arabic though and I’m working with a translator. I did run into plenty of the Marine Reservists out here one day. That was pretty cool. Well, I have to go to duty now, Thanks again for all the support.

Cpl. Julia

Isn’t she so sweet!?! It’s amazing how much Thanks these Marine and soldiers give to us for sending such simple items when we do this to say Thanks to them. I don’t think I could ever thank any of them anywhere near enough for the jobs they do and sacrifices they make. We love and respect them all and, above all else, are so very, very proud of each and every one!!

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