Monday, June 04, 2007

To Be A Marine

This poem was written by Lubbock Marine Parents member, Pam, in honor of her son Eric (pictured below). It will be a year tomorrow since he left for bootcamp and she is so proud of him.


You have chosen to fight for your country,
Regardless of what others have said.
You fight for our freedoms and our way of life
So we can sleep soundly in bed.

You are doing what you feel is right
Without praise or reward to be seen.
For you feel the honor in your heart
When you're down praying on bended knee.

You are away from all those you love
Not sure what the future may hold
But you continue to stand at your post
Through the blistering heat or the freezing cold.

Marines have a Code of Conduct
For Honor is their creed
They stand tall and fast and with great pride
As only a Marine can be.

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