Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Famous Marines: I through P

Our third installment of famous Marines. There are a few on this list who apparently left the "honor, courage, and commitment" behind when they were discharged. I won't name any names ::cough:: Murtha, but most of them went on to great things. :)

Mike Ilitch — founder of Little Caesars Pizza.
John Donald "Don" Imus — talk radio host

Keith Jackson — broadcaster
Brian Gerard James — TNA/WWE professional wrestler
Bill Janklow — Governor of South Dakota
George Jones — country music star

Bob Keeshan — "Captain Kangaroo"
Harvey Keitel — actor
Brian Keith — actor
Greg Kelly — news reporter
Raymond W. Kelly — police commissioner of the City of New York
Skip Kenney — Men's Olympic Swim Coach, Head Swim Coach at Stanford University
Robert Kiyosaki — author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Ron Kovic — author Born on the Fourth of July
Ted Kulongoski — Governor, State of Oregon

Mills Lane — boxing referee and TV's People's Court judge
Jim Lehrer — journalist, host of the PBS' NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Alfred Lerner — financier, Chairman of MBNA Corporation
Scott Levy — professional wrestler
Joe Lisi — actor
Clayton J. Lonetree — spied for Russia in the mid-1980s
Tommy Loughran — world boxing champion
Jack Robert Lousma — NASA Astronaut
Robert A. Lutz — Chairman of the Board of Chrysler

John Freeman Mackie — First Marine Medal of Honor winner.
William Manchester — author and historian
Mike Mansfield — U.S. Representative and Senator, Senate Majority Leader, U.S. Ambassador to Japan; co-author of the Douglas-Mansfield Bill (1951) supporting the Marine Corps
Lee Marvin — actor
Bob Mathias Two-time Olympic champion in the decathlon — U.S. congressman
Ed McMahon — television personality
Sid McMath — Governor of Arkansas
Robert C. McFarlane — National Security Advisor to Pres. Reagan, infamous for his role in the Iran-Contra Scandal.
Steve McQueen — actor
Ray Mercer — world boxing champion
Zell Miller — Governor of Georgia, U.S. Senator
Billy Mills — Olympic gold medalist (1964), 10,000m
Tom Monaghan — founder of Domino's Pizza
Mike Montler — professional NFL football player, Buffalo Bills
Jim Mora — NFL head football coach
Robert S. Mueller III — director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Jimmy Murray — former GM of Philadelphia Eagles and co-founder of Ronald McDonald House charities.
John Murtha — U.S. Representative (D - PA)

Samuel Nicholas — First Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Carlos I. Noriega — NASA astronaut
Oliver North — known for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal, Host of "War Stories" on Fox.
Ken Norton — world champion boxer, Boxing Hall of Famer

Kenneth O'Keefe — anti-war activist
Lee Harvey Oswald — assassin of John F. Kennedy
Randy Orton — professional wrestler

Ilario Pantano — author of Warlord
Sam Peckinpah — director
George Peppard — actor
Bum Phillips — NFL Head coach
Lewis Burwell Puller Jr. — author, Pulitzer Prize winner
Tyrone Power — actor

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