Monday, February 12, 2007

Famous Marines

I found a list of famous Marines at Wikipedia. Here is A through C. I'll post the rest later. I found it very interesting. Many of these people I already knew were Marines, but some surprised me.

Joseph M. Acaba — first Puerto Rican astronaut
Don Adams — actor, "Get Smart"
Mike Anderson — NFL football player
Walter Anderson — author; PARADE Magazine editor; Parade Publications CEO; GED spokesperson
Paul Arizin — basketball player
Bea Arthur — actor

F. Lee Bailey — lawyer
James Baker — former U.S. Secretary of State, elder statesman, advisor and friend of the Bush family
Leslie M. "Bud" Baker, Jr. — Chairman of the Board of Wachovia Bank.
Nick Barone — boxer (1950s)
James Lee Barrett — author, screenplay writer.
Monte Barrett — heavyweight boxer
Carmen Basilio — world champion boxer, Boxing Hall of Famer
Hank Bauer — baseball player
Bob Bell — Bozo the Clown (TV)
Patty Berg — LPGA golfer
Rod Bernard — musician
John Wayne Bobbitt — Famous for his dismembered member.
Charles F. Bolden, Jr. — space shuttle commander
Carol Bongiovi — model, mother of Jon Bon Jovi
John Bongiovi — hairdresser, father of Jon Bon Jovi
Robert Bork — retired federal judge, law professor, and Supreme court nominee.
Blackbear Bosin — artist
Hugh Brannum — "Mr. Green Jeans" on Captain Kangaroo
Daniel B. Brewster — U.S. Senator from Maryland
Patrick Brown - Captain Ladder 3 New York City Fire Department, Killed on 9/11/01 attacks
Art Buchwald — humor columnist
Dale Bumpers — U.S. Senator from Arkansas
Gregory Burgess — Silver Medal, Swimming, Men's 200 m Individual Medley, 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain
Conrad Burns — U.S. Senator from Montana
Smedley Darlington Butler — became an outspoken critic of war profiteers and testified in congress regarding a plot to overthrow the government. Also served as the Police Commissioner for the city of Philadelphia. One of only two Marines to be awarded two Medals of Honor for separate actions.

Enrique Camarena — murdered Mexican-American DEA agent
Philip Caputo — author, journalist
Rod Carew — baseball Hall of Famer
Drew Carey — comedian
James Carville — political strategist and manager
Roberto Clemente — baseball Hall of Famer
Jerry Coleman — baseball player, announcer
Eddie Collins — baseball Hall of Famer
Charles Colson — White House special counsel, convicted in Watergate, evangelist
Mike Connors — actor
Donald "The Great Santini" Conroy — Black Sheep Squadron member and father of author Pat Conroy, who based his novel The Great Santini on him.
John Corzine — Governor of New Jersey.
Bill Cowan — hostage rescue expert, television news commentator
Louis Cukela — recipient of both Navy and Army Medal of Honor
Walter Cunningham — Apollo 7 astronaut

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