Saturday, February 17, 2007

Famous Marines: R through Z

The final installment of Famous Marines.
There are some more surprises on this list as well, or at least they surprised me.

Lawrence G. Rawl — CEO of Exxon (1988-1993)
Ben Reed — writer
Donald Regan — U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Chief of Staff (Reagan administration)
Robert Remus — "Sgt. Slaughter" in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
Hari Rhodes — actor
Buddy Rich — musician
Bryan Rigg — author of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers (2002)
Scott Ritter — former United Nations arms inspector, intelligence officer, outspoken opponent of the Bush administration's foreign policy.
Charles S. "Chuck" Robb — Governor of Virginia, U.S. Senator, married to Linda Bird Johnson (daughter of President Lyndon Johnson)
Pat Robertson — evangelist
Rick Romley — attorney general
James Roosevelt — son of FDR, former Marine Raider
Barney Ross — world champion boxer, Boxing Hall of Famer

George Schultz — economist, U.S. Secretary of State, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of the Treasury
George C. Scott — actor
Tom Seaver — baseball Hall of Famer
Gerald L. Shaffer — created
Shaggy — musician (rapper)
Bernard Shaw — CNN news anchor
Mark Shields — journalist
John L. Simon — US swimming coach
Oliver Sipple — Saved President Gerald Ford's life during an assassination attempt.
Frederick W. Smith — businessman, founder of Fed Ex
W. Thomas Smith, Jr. — author, journalist
John Philip Sousa — composer, conductor/orchestra leader
Johnny Micheal Spann — CIA officer, first American killed in combat in the war on terror
Leon Spinks — world boxing champion
Richard Steele — boxing referee
Eugene Stoner — designer of the AR-15 rifle — adopted by the US military as the M-16.
William Styron — Pulitzer Prize winning author.
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger — publisher of The New York Times
Charles R. (Chuck) Swindoll — evangelical Christian pastor, radio preacher
Anthony Swofford — author of the book Jarhead

Steven W. Taylor, Oklahoma Supreme Court justice
Jerald terHorst — press secretary (1974) for President Gerald Ford
Craig Thomas — U.S. Senator from Wyoming
Bernard Trainor — foreign policy analyst and author
Lee Trevino — PGA golfer and member of the Hall of Fame
Gene Tunney — world boxing champion, Boxing Hall of Famer

Leon Uris — author

Bill Veeck — baseball team owner, baseball Hall of Famer

Robert Wagner — actor
John Warner — U.S. Senator (R - VA)
Mike Weaver — world boxing champion
James Webb — U.S. Senator (D - VA), former U.S. Secretary of the Navy, author.
Chuck Wepner — boxer; often pointed as the inspiration for the Rocky movie series
Bing West — author and former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration.
Jo Jo White — former NBA basketball player with the Boston Celtics
Charles Whitman — University of Texas at Austin Tower sniper (1966)
James Whitmore — actor
Buzz Williams — author of Spare Parts: From Campus to Combat
Montel Williams — television show host
Ted Williams — baseball Hall of Famer
Jonathan Winters — actor, comedian
Pete Wilson — former Governor of California
Ed Wood, Jr. — film director

Anthony Zinni — foreign policy analyst and television commentator.

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