Friday, July 20, 2007

FREE Military Handbooks!!

From TXMarineMom1987

I would, if I may, like to take a moment and give a special Thanks to the Family Readiness Officer for the local Marine Corps Reserve Center. He has been such a wonder and great supporter not only to our Marines and their families, but also to our little group. He has passed some information on to me that I would like to share. offers free military handbooks for active and retired U.S. Personnel. These handbooks come in a variety of topics from paying for college, benefits for veterans and dependents, veteran healthcare benefits and children’s scholarships. However, at this time, they are only available in electronic version (PDF file).

I have already ordered and received mine. They really are very informative and much easier to comprehend than some of the other forms I have gotten. And hey, if it’s free…it’s for me!!

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