Friday, July 27, 2007

New rules for cammies released

Staff report
Posted : Friday Jul 27, 2007 9:00:43 EDT

If you're wearing your desert cammies today, then you're off to a good start.

Effective Wednesday, desert cammies with sleeves rolled up became the designated summer uniform in garrison, while the woodland uniform with sleeves down will be the uniform for the winter months, according to AlMar 035/07, titled, “Wear of the Marine Corps Combat Utilitary Uniform.”

For aircrew Marines, the new rules means tan flight suits in summer and green flight suits in winter, according to the message.

The commandant’s guidance also tightened the rules for wearing cammies off base, banning the practice in all instances except “bona fide” emergencies, such as a medical emergencies, car accidents or vehicle breakdowns, according to the message.

Trips to the ATM, fast-food restaurants and dry cleaners are still kosher — as long as you do drive-thru. But there’s no more visiting off-base banks or gas stations without changing clothes, the message states.

“The [combat utility uniform] is a field uniform and is not appropriate for wear in a civilian environment,” Commandant Gen. James Conway writes in the AlMar, which goes on to say that en route stops “are not authorized” unless they’re an emergency.

Under the old policy, Marines could pump gas or stop at a grocery store for necessities such as milk, diapers or prescription drugs while wearing their cammies, but those days are over.

Conway wrote that he’s making the rule change because the Corps is no longer transitioning from the old camouflage pattern to the newer pixel pattern.

“As Marines, our uniforms and military appearance are an important part of our identity and have traditionally marked us as the nation’s most distinctive military service,” Conway wrote. “As such, uniformity and an outward pride in our appearance have been constants for every Marine — from private to general.”

Local commanders can still prescribe the appropriate uniform for exercises, the AlMar said. Also, a commanding general or other component commander can ask Conway for a waiver from the seasonal rules. This could be the case for Marines stationed at joint headquarters or for other “climactic conditions” at bases and stations.


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