Friday, July 06, 2007

Navy Pilots making fun of Marines

This video was made by Navy pilots to make fun of Marines. Personally, I thought it was a little mean, but my son was the one who told me about it and he thought it was hilarious. I guess Marines love to laugh, even if they are laughing at themselves.

For De'on, and others who have a hard time viewing videos here's a little synopsis. The video claims to be a "Typical day in the life of a K-Bay Marine". It shows a Marine waking up (from sleeping at attention on top of his bed of course) and kissing his bedside framed photo of Chesty Puller. Then he goes through his daily checklist, which includes things like "80s polo shirt, aviator glasses, 30 minutes of flexing, morning Oorahs, daily haircut (given by a blind man), daily visit to tattoo parlor (where he gets USMC across his forehead), and daily visit to pawn shop. Oh, and oversize truck is checked off too. That part is true. ;) It then shows his counseling session where he is in trouble for things like not enough tattoos and having only 18 brain cells, where the Marine Corps average is 28. All the Marines seem to be able to say to each other is "yut, yut, oorah, semper fi, devil dog". Now here's the really mean part... The Marine is shown at a bar where the girl he is trying to pick up slaps him and leaves with a Navy pilot, he gets drunk and leaves with a "girl" he finds out later is really a man. He then checks off "get drunk and loose a fight", and "embarrassing drunk story". See what I mean?

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Anonymous said...

I was a K-Bay Marine, The video is pretty funny and sadly accurate.