Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Care Pack Ideas

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Believe it or not, it is almost time for us to begin working on our Christmas Care Pack drive. As I have mentioned before, we send care packs year round, but we have a big drive to collect items to send in the care packs as well as money for shipping every year as Christmas approaches. I have been amazed at how well our community has responded and how many care packs we have been able to send. This will be our 4th year to send Christmas care packs. The first year, there were only three of us and we sent 10 packages entirely out of our own pockets. The next year, we had about 10 parents and with some help from our families, friends and Sunday school classes, we sent out over 50 care packs. Last year, our goal was to send 200 Christmas stockings and we asked our community for help. We were thrilled that so many individuals, businesses, churches and schools responded with goodies to send as well as monetary donations. We were able to send 251 individual care packs along with 3 large unit boxes to make the Marines' and Soldiers' holidays a little brighter. We spent well over $2,000 for shipping. The Elk's Lodge opened up their building so that we would have plenty of space for our packing party and even fed us hamburgers. Lubbock is such a generous community!

Here is a list of needed items from a Hospital Corpsman, also known as a "Devil Doc". When you go about your weekly shopping please think about picking up an item on this list. As always, you are free to drop them off at the recruiter's office, or leave a comment (or email me through my profile) and I will get back to you and come by to pick them up, or give you an address to mail them to if you are out of town.

You can also donate money for shipping through our Paypal account. Click on "make a donation" in our sidebar.

* AXE body wash
* foot odor sprays and air fresheners
for people's barrack's room - (when you live with 6 people and 1 has Athlete's Foot, life becomes a living hell. Air Fresheners and FootSprays become gold!!!)
* luffa sponges
* razors (Gillette Mach 3)
* air fresheners (the stick up kind - not plug ins)
* Scented candles
* Fitness /weight-lifting magazines and books Men's Exercise, Men's Workout, Muscle & Fitness, GQ, Motorcycle & Car Magazines, Men's Health, Men's Fitness,(Current issues please - they have lots of old ones)
* hand sanitizer
* protein bars
* dried fruit (Sunmaid mixed fruit, prunes, apricots, etc)
* mini-DVD-R to record messages home (Not full-sized dvd's)
* Postcards from your state
* Strawberry Oreo Cookies
* Propel Packets to put in our bottled water
* Bath towels and wash cloths
* Rice Krispy treats

Also see our other list of needed items.

Thank you so much for all your help! You really do make a difference!

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