Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Care Packs

We had several people ask us about our care packs at the 4th on Broadway. We DO collect items for care packs year round. It is an ongoing effort. We have a huge drive for Christmas and that is when collect the majority of our items and much of our shipping money, but we do send smaller mail outs throughout the year. If you have items to donate, the Marine recruiters are always happy to accept them, or you can email me through my profile and I or one of the other members will pick the items up.

Some of the most needed items for care packs are:
Black Socks - thick, calf length are best.
DVDs (new or used)
CDs (new or used)
AA batteries (still in package)
Beef Jerky
Car or sports magazines
and they always love encouraging cards and letters

As always, $30 will pay for contents and shipping of one box.

You can find the full list of needed items here.

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