Monday, October 22, 2007


*Just bringing this post back to the top as a reminder.

Remember that we still have the Christmas donation drive contest going on to win a cookbook and a BBQ apron. Your name will be entered in the contest for each $5 donation that you make toward our care pack shipping expenses. So far, Don has a big lead on everyone. His name has been entered LOTS of times! Thanks Don!!!

You can donate through the Paypal link in the sidebar or you can email me and I will give you an address so that you can mail a check. If you stop by and leave a donation to our account at American State Bank, just email me with your name and donation amount. The deadline for the contest is 5:00p.m. November 9th. I will have one of the Marines at the Marine Corps Ball draw the name and I will announce it here on the blog Saturday November 10th. Good luck!

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