Monday, October 29, 2007

Nice Matters

CavMom has nominated me for the Nice Matters Award! CavMom is a great military mom blogger and I read her blog every day. I'm so honored to have her nomination.

To make it even more fun, I get to nominate 7 bloggers. It's hard to keep it to just 7, but I'll do my best.

De'on at Gunz Up : She is a Gold Star Marine mom. We've actually met in person and she is a dear, dear friend and truly nice in the best possible sense of the word. She is one of those people who is lit up from within.

Dixie at Dixie's Heart and Soul: She is a brand new Marine mom still spending time with her son while he is on boot leave. Those are precious days that pass all too quickly!

Just John at Write on the Right: It seems strange to award a girly graphic like this to a Marine Gunnery Sergeant who is a former Drill Instructor, but I can't help it! He has been so nice to us here at LMP and so helpful to me personally with all my dumb Marine mom questions (What does this abbreviation mean? What can I post on the blog about where he is? and on and on ). He has also patiently listened to my Marine mom bragging... it's so much fun to brag to someone who knows what you're talking about. So John, even though I'm sure none of your recruits ever thought so, we here at LMP think you are NICE! Don't feel like you have to display the graphic though. Don't want to hurt your reputation.

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles: She is another military mom and she was instrumental in helping me get the blog off the ground. It took SEVERAL emails with her for me to figure out our first blog roll. She basically gave me the "blogging for complete idiots" course. Thanks Beth!

Big White Hat: Here I go again with the award for a guy, but he really is such a nice guy. BWH is a true family man and what is nicer than that?

Flag Gazer at Gazing at the Flag: She is so supportive of our troops and of LMP. She has a great blog and I always enjoy her posts and usually learn something new too.

Don at Don's Mind: He too is always so supportive of our projects here at LMP. He was our first contributor in this year's care pack drive. He's a Navy vet and a proud grampa.

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